Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The First Timers Cookbook by Chef Shawn Bucher c/o Media Guests

I cannot tell you just how excited I was to find Media Guests.  I am a HUGE book addict  fan and the thought of reading them then getting to tell you my thoughts on them makes me giddy (yeah "fan" might not be the word to describe lol)

So my first review ever with  Media Guests is for Chef Shawn Bucher's book called The First Timers Cookbook.  I LOVE cookbooks!  But this one is no ordinary "recipe"book, this book teaches you the basics and how to use your own mind when preparing food....food to suit YOU and YOUR family...no strict list of things you don't recognize....just basic skills to free you to use your imagine and create tasty food.

I love the witty way Shawn connects with the readers, as if you were chatting over coffee, and the pictures are gorgeous as well as helpful.  He walks you through things Menu planning & table set-up, knives & knife skills, How to cook Beef, Lamb, Pork, Chicken, Fish and Vegetables.  He also provides LOTS of safety tips, that some might not realize, and shopping tips like how to choose your meat cuts and produce.

About Book

The First Timers Cookbook is the basic
cookbook that anyone who has never
stepped into a kitchen, or lived in a kitchen,
can use. It contains simple techniques and
easy step-by-step instructions that truly
teach you the basics to cooking almost
anything. This book will show you how to
cook, not just what to cook.

About Author

Chef Shawn Bucher holds business degrees and a culinary certificate and has worked in the food service industry for over 12 years. Having been involved in most aspects of the industry “from grocery stores to restaurants, hotels, schools to corporate training and development,” he brings a unique and overall perspective to cooking and the food service industry.

Buy The Book HERE
 I personally think everyone should have one even just for reference...it makes a great gift idea for students college bound, wedding showers, birthdays etc


  1. Just wanted to let you know that I nominated your blog for the versatile blogger award! Please let me know if you accept, love your blog!

    Alison @ Alison's Wonder Scraporium


  2. I really absolutely love cookbooks. I have dozens. Positively dozens. I guess I need one more!

  3. Hi there! Just found you Through Follow Me, I'm Canadian, and I am now a follower!

    I need something to get me out of my cooking rut. And by "cooking", I mean either taking something out of a box in the freezer and throwing it in the oven, or else just eating out.

    Sounds like this might inspire me a bit...

    Kate @ This Mom Loves


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