Friday, January 14, 2011


Oh boy if I ever said it before I didn't mean it like I do today THANK GOD IT'S FRIDAY!!!

Today I had way too many details to complete and just not enough time or patience.
You see I make cakes for private orders... I never really meant to make a job of it, it just kind of snowballed...and I promised back in December that I wasn't going to stress myself out over them anymore (Because I am a perfectionist :o) and I just wasn't going to do anymore.  I never know what to charge for my time (because sometimes I end up taking A LOT of time)  and I don't feel right charging a ton when you can get a "fancy" slab cake from the grocery store for $20....BUT I don't buy my stuff wholesale and EVERYTHING is homemade/handmade.....and anyway like I was saying I just needed to de-stress....

But I went and accepted an order anyway.
I told a friend I would do her friend's kid's birthday cake for her...I also have a hard time saying "NO".
This friend wanted a chocolate full bodied Elmo.  So I said "Sure not a problem, I'll rent the pan and yep sure I'll deliver it by noon on Friday."   Do you think for a second I thought to double check that the pan was available??  NOPE.  Do you think I checked my calender to make sure I had nothing planned that day??  NOPE.  Do you think I feel like I just ruined some poor 2yr olds birthday???  Yeah, I think maybe.  
Needless to say I called the lady explained what an idiot I am told her what I could do for her and that I'd knock down the price....then I bake ...then I'm tired and have run out of piping bags so I decide maybe a full night's sleep is a better idea....then I can't sleep and I realize it's also Wayne's Birthday and I have his cake to do, plus a huge lasagna to make and a house to clean before company comes over and I PANIC!!

I am short of time & supplies and most of all PATIENCE....poor Ava just wants her Mommy's full attention and I am rushing like crazy trying to put this cake & now cupcakes together with no time to spare...My butter cream is melting and just won't go won't pipe right, then there's not enough....This is a disaster!  I finally just finished up, accepted it for what it was and delivered it and gave her back most of her money (to buy a grocery store cake)

 Anyway I am now avoiding even icing Wayne's cake at this point or trying to clean my house...Ava & I had leftovers heated in the microwave for lunch and I'm just holding out until it's time to pick Ainsley up from school before I lift another finger...time to just chill out & re-group.

BUSTED!! lol