Monday, January 24, 2011

I have started a 100+ Reading Challenge ...why not the girls too??

I have started a 100+ Reading Challenge for 2011  (my list is posted on the left)  ...but now I'm thinking Why not track the books the girls & I read together as well? ...well I do in my Thursday - Library Day posts but why not a condensed list like my own?

I think it will be interesting to see how many different books we have read and which ones we tend to go back to.

If you'd like to join us in the FAMILY FUN  100+ Reading Challenge Please Link up below and let us know where to locate your families list.  I will also try to keep a star (*)  rating next to the titles so we will remember which ones we really enjoyed and might want to go back to.

Library Day

***This is posted a little late lol.  I just found it sitting in draft still ...oops!  I think I meant to include pictures then got distracted***

Thursday mornings are Ava and I library days.  This morning we snuck in a little bit late to the Time for Tots program and Ava dove right in.  I sat and watched. I could not help but notice just how much Ava has progressed/changed in the last couple of months since attending.  We started in October, back then she sat quietly on my lap and just watched as the other children interacted.  She didn't really listen to the story as it was read and could not be bothered with actions of songs.  Now we're in mid-January and she thinks she's the star of the show.  She runs right in and starts singing her heart out.  She has figured out the pattern of activities ....finger plays, ribbons, instruments, book etc.  I can't help but feel proud seeing her do the Hokey-Pokey without assistance and watch her not only interact with the other children but try to welcome & comfort those who are shy like she once was.

The craft table today was the same as last week so we just skipped right on to reading.

Ava spied up an Olivia book (she had recognized "O lib E Ah"  from program a few weeks back) so we sat and read that together just loud enough for her shy friend to hear as well.
Then she ran off and returned with an Iron man book so we read that as well...Ainsley has learned from somewhere (most likely her peers) that some things are "girl stuff"and somethings are "boy stuff" and would probably scoff at Ava's choice but I think that people can enjoy whatever thing people wish...and Iron man wasn't so bad ;)

This week we brought home:
Olivia forms a band - Ian Falconer
Batman versus The Joker -N.T Raymond
Jennifer Jones Won't Leave Me ALONE! - Frieda Wishinsky
Amelia Bedelia and the cat - Herman Parish
The Dog Princess Fairy Tails (Harper Collins Publishers)