Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Ainsley's colourful Valentines

This year for Ainsley's class we wanted to do something a little different. So after seeing this post on Frugral Family Fun I knew we HAD to do heart shaped recycled crayons :)

So I went to the Dollarama in search for a heart shaped baking pan and found this silicon mold

...and because I can't ever walk into a dollar store and ONLY spend one dollar I also spotted these Princess & Spiderman Silly Bands (they are ALL about the Silly Bands right now lol)

I already had a package of glitter paper in my scrapbooking supplies (ask how many scrapbooks I've finished...I dare ya! lol)  and it is conveniently all pink and red (I knew it would be really cute to use someday)  so with this we're going to use our heart cookie cutter as a stencil to make the cards....but what we are stumped on is a catchy Valentine rhyme or message....What should we write on the cards besides the usual ol'faithful  BE MINE??


I was thinking something "colourful" (because of the crayons)  would be cute...but what ??  Any suggestions???

For her Teacher and TA,  we bought a couple of cute containers and plan to fill them with this great hot chocolate mix I found on Lovin My Little Ladies  ...we thought their cards would stay something like " Teacher you warm my heart!  Happy Valentines Day!" ...but we're open to suggestions on that one too :)

Are you doing Valentines this year?  What are your plans, craft ideas etc?

WooHOO !! 100 followers That Is Exciting!

Thank you to all of my new friends!  Passing the 100 mark is a pretty exciting milestone and I could not have done it with out ALL of YOU !  
Reading all of your wonderful blogs and linking up with the tremendous amount of Blog Hops is what has inspired me to start my own and follow through with it :)
I am enjoying every minute with my family and love sharing the moments with people who can relate...and watching you all enjoy your families too! 

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