Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Are you sure it's not Monday???

Today was Ainsley's first day back from winter break and let's just sum it up to HECTIC!  I honestly did not realize how lazy I had gotten over the past couple weeks.  I convinced myself that I was relaxing...but in reality my kids forgot that Breakfast was a meal, clothes are required for public and that you should wash your hair more than once a week if you expect to get a brush through it. 
Today was a total kick in the pants!  Sadly not just for me but for my 3 year old who DID NOT want to take her jammies off for "real clothes", who DID NOT want to drive her big sister to school or wear her boots.  I know from all the "studies" that kids need a set routine and that routine should continue (for the most part) through holidays and summer break.  But sometimes you just need a gentle reminder.  ....Poor Ava :(   Mommy is sorry. 
So not only did school go back in, Cheer did as well, and because school skipped Monday and dove right into Tuesday I forgot....Ainsley reminded me afterschool that she needed to be there for 6pm.  I also found some new blogs to distract me and projects to start.... and let's just say I ran late with supper (yummy sheppard's pie) and then cheer practise and then work ....and now I'm still putting off things that SHOULD HAVE been done LAST WEEK and guess what????  They're calling for a freaking SNOW STORM tomorrow!!!  {I don't know if I mentioned this but hubby is an industrial roofer, which is seasonal, which means he'll be here ALL DAY tomorrow} I have to do a week's worth or stuff in one day with him watching...do you all remember the Rice Krispie's commercial from the 80's where the mom goes to the kitchen to "slave over" the squares but because they're so simple she prep's them the kicks her feet up then splashes flour all over her and presents them to her family later?  Well almost everyday is like that here.  I am responsible for about 75% of running the house.  We have an agreement because I am neuortic about housework and what qualify's it as done I do all dishes, laundry etc.  He mops and takes out the trash (occassionally scrubs a bathroom or 2...depending on how guilty he feels or stupid he sounded previously).  What I haven't told him is that I am capable of doing everything in a day (if I hold out from the phone, Facebook etc etc) BUT  I just don't want to!  ...anyway back to my point (I'm tired *blah*) IHAVE TO do all of this stuff tomorrow, NO MORE delays! and I DO NOT want him to see my capabilities....It's sounds terrible I know.  We are one of the most upfront and honest couples I know, we share EVERYTHING but I am not ready to share this secret with him...If he finds out then his expectations of me will skyrocket and I am not interested in that.
So now that I have ranted and rambled incoherently I need to hull my behind upstairs to get some sleep before trying to create a small miracle tomorrow. 

and don't forget the age-old advice "Do not put off for tomorrow what could be done today (or last week)"

I'm just glad I didn't put off that nap I had this morning...because I bet I won't see one tomorrow!! lol

If you could just take a minute Please

If you could just take a minute Please and "like" Build you own Bear on Facebook and vote for Kim Pamerleau Please.  My nephews are in the running to win a Build-a-Bear party in their own home.  How cool is that ??