Thursday, January 27, 2011

Thankful Thursday

Today I'm Thankful for

...sleeping in
...extra  cuddles & lovin's
...good winter tires & wipers
...snow plows and a strong hardworking man (not hard on the eyes either)
...quality time beading with my lil ladies

First snowfall of the season December ... 2010

snow today Jan 27, 2011

Library Thursday

Today was yet another Snow Day :o
It didn't seem too bad when I pulled out of the driveway but by the time I drove 5 minutes to the bank and 2 more to the library there were drifts EVERYWHERE.
We were already late for program so I told the girls to scoop up a craft and find 1 book each (the usual rule that we never follow LOL) and race me to check out because the weather was getting worse by the second.
This week's theme is Puzzles.

Craft today was Design Your own Puzzle.

You could do this by using a picture you already have and cutting it into puzzle pieces and putting it back together or you could use the page provided and draw your own picture.

We honestly didn't stay long enough to read the themed books or even catch what the titles were..but we are hoping to make it back on Saturday for the mini concert they are having with Zany Lane.

But we did bring home a couple really good ones :)

Princess Story Collection (Ainsley's choice)
Pocahontas (Ava's choice- it's french LOL)
Pocket Rocks by Sheree Fitch (I love her and she's from NB)