Sunday, February 13, 2011

Library Thursday

Thursday was a bit hectic this week since I made plans without consulting my trusty calender (or using my brain)  BUT we made it to Time for Tots!  There were TONS of families so glad to see an above zero temperature day without snow theplace was packed.  Ava had a great time with her friends singing and dancing away.  Every week she gets even more enthused with the stories read.  I love sitting back and just watching her interact.  it really makes me smile inside and out.

Because I over booked myself for the day we had to rush out right after program so I could drop Ava off with my sister and I could make my chiropractor appointment.  We didn't have a chance to read the book selection left on the Family Drop In table but we did scoop up some supplies to do the Valentines craft....which we will do afterschool on Valentines Day for Daddy.  And we did have a chance to trade in our last set of books for new ones...thank goodness for their awesome online service too because Mommy had no time to search shelves for herself.

This weeks picks for the girls are:  OLIVIA goes to Venice -Ian Falconer, Hey Little Ant- Phillip and Hannah Hoose, Monsters vs Aliens Save San Francisco, Bully Trouble-Joanna Cole and Clementine Friend of the Week-Sara Pennypacker.
...and for Mommy :  The guy Not Taken- Jennifer Weiner and Wife for Hire- Janet Evanovich

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