Friday, January 7, 2011

Thankful Thursday

I know I am a day behind but that is just the norm around here much to do and so little time....but I can be Thankful that I have the time that I do!
I have been spending this last week of Ainsley's winter break trying to spend some quality time...I say try because they are just at each others throat all day every day lately. I think that they are just bored and that our regular routine is in shambles....But I am thankful that my girls can effectively communicate (even if it's saucy tone followed by a dirty look...these take skill when you really think about it, They are expressing their points PERFECTLY). I am thankful (and frustrated) that they don't waiver on the thoughts & beliefs just because someone tells them they should. I am especially Thankful that although the argue most of the time they LOVE each other ALL of the time! They stand by each other through thick and thin.
I am secretly Thankful school goes back in on Monday. I love having Ainsley home to cuddle with and help with dinner or play with Ava but she truly misses her classwork, teacher and friends...she is just like he Mama and craves the routine and challenge. I am THANKFUL that she loves her education in the classroom and still comes home begging for more :) I'm pretty sure that through her enthusiasm Ava will also be very eager to learn!

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