Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Better World Resolution Blogshare...better late than never?

On the weekend I was Blog Hopping along when I found Fine and Fair.  This is a beautiful blog by Joella who types her blog posts as letters to her gorgeous daughter Delilah.  The post shared was a great one about resolutions and thinking outside of the box when making them.  I really enjoyed the fact that this post was so selfless and inspiring.  Joella challenged her readers to join in a Blog Share and write their own posts on a Better World Resolution!
The idea was to have the posts all scheduled to go live on January 2nd and to involve as many of our readers as possible... I ofcourse fell behind schedule (especially since I only found her late in the day on the 1st) BUT I thought it was such a beautiful idea I thought I would still write my post and link-up late...I missed out on the generous offer she made to donate $10 of her own money to a charity of my choice but that's fine and fair (feeling a lil playful today lol) and I will work my butt off to make up the difference this year for my charity of choice!
So here goes, better late than never....

Better World Resolution 2011
My family and I resolve to continue on with our Penny Drive for Ainsley's school Christmas charity, aswell as our year round bottle drive for The Community Autism Centre Inc.
We will again participate in the CACI Walk for Autism in April...only this year I want to try to double our funds raised from the $430 we turned in last year (our goal last year was $125 and we more than doubled it so I think we can!!)
We as a family already compost & recycle...As a household of 5+ we rarely throw more than 2 garbage bags out a month on garbage days...BUT I want reduce even more!!  This year I want to start canning my own veggies & sauces so that I can reuse our containers instead or having to buy cans/plastic/glass from the grocery store.....this should be all around healthier for my family as well as our environment!
This year we were also introduced to the Joshua Group, a non-profit group in our community that does the most amazing outreach to people of all ages!
The gentleman, Bobby Hayes, that runs this is truly inspiring. He holds down a full time job & family but spends copius amounts of time driving around the city in a school bus ministering and feeding the less fortunate.  Every Sunday morning he drives around picking up youth and providing them breakfast and devotional.  He is known to spend his evenings taking groups of youth swimming or to hockey games, Nature hikes & hunting on the weekends.  He is a supportive & positive influence in these childrens lives that they may NEVER have gotten at home...the ones lucky enough to have homes,  I want to, as a family, offer to Bobby any service we can to the Joshua Group...whether it be baking, groceries,fundraising, serving meals, doing crafts or reading with the kids, donating clothes/blankets etc...

So if you'd like to join in late as well
Here's how it works:
  1. Spread the word. Point your friends, fans, and followers to this post, and let them know that you plan on participating. Encourage them to join you. The more, the merrier!
  2. Write a Blog Post between now and Sunday January 2, 2011 about a resolution you plan to make that makes the world (even just a small part of it!) a better place. The point is to "think outside the box". Maybe you'll resolve to compost, mentor an at-risk teen, adopt a pet from a rescue, volunteer at a homeless shelter, or organize a protest. The sky is the limit!
  3. Publish (or schedule to be published) your post on Sunday January 2, 2011. Please include a link to this post.
  4. Return to this post and comment with a link to your...let's call it..."The Better World Resolution Blogshare" post.


  1. Wonderful!

    And you totally reminded me that I NEED to start canning this year. I think the abundance of produce I'll be getting by joining a CSA will help with that!

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