Friday, January 7, 2011

Fun at the Library

Yesterday afternoon the girls and I went to our local library.  We had some books to return and I was out of reading material for work.  As always they had a "Family Drop-in" table set up with a craft and activity sheets as well as books that relate to or inspire the theme.
This weeks theme was Snowflakes.

The craft was a lacing snowflake.  They had printed out a bunch of snowflakes and punched holes from one tip to the next.  For the lacing they provided cut strips of curling ribbon in various colours.  Ainsley dove right into this project but found the ribbon a little slippery and wanted to quit when it wouldn't co-operate, but after a little pep talk she gained some confidence and zoomed through it. Ava on the other hand poked her first ribbon through the hole and had her paper tear and she let it go and wandered off to look at books...not interested!  So I finished it up for her (and I must admit the ribbon was slick and at her age I too would walk away). 

Activity finished, we curled up on the couches and read the 3 themed books laid out.

Bunny's First Snowflake by Monica Wellington
- Ainsley enjoyed the fact she could help me read this to Ava.  it was a cute book with repetition and a bit of rhyming.

All You Need for a Snowman by Alice Schertle
- Ava LOVED this book. It walks you through the steps of building a snowman.  Ava loved guessing what step came next or what was missing ie: eyes, nose, a mouth (which never did get mentioned).

A Very Special Snowflake -Don Hoffman.
-  Was a cute story about the family dog named Snowflake who got "lost". 

Ava followed along for a few pages spotting Snowflake in snow piles etc but didn't stick around to hear the end.  Ainsley lost interest the first page in and chose to look for Fancy Nancy books.

Ainsley's Choices this week were (from left to right)
Fancy Nancy Sees Stars - Jane O'Connor
Fancy Nancy Bonjour Butterfly - Jane O'Connor
A Treasury of Jillian Jiggs - Phoebe Gilman
{she picked this because this is the author of the Balloon Tree}
Ava's Choices this week were :
The 101 Dalmatians Escape
A Pony for a Princess - Andrea Posner-Sanchez
Dora's Spooky Halloween - Sonali Fry

Mama's Choices for the week:
The Things we do for Love - Kristin Hannah
Summer Island - Kristen Hannah
A Total Waste of Makeup - Kim Gruenenfelder
Belong to Me- Marisa de los Santos


  1. The author of " A Very Special Snowflake " is Don Hoffman.

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