Monday, December 20, 2010


Ava has been doing a "Time for Tots" group at our local library for 2-3 months now and her favorite part of Thursday mornings has got to be the RIBBONS!
So I really wanted to make her some for her stocking....I've had leftover dowel pieces (from the toy shelf Wayne & I built 3yrs ago) that I have been meaning to put to use and endless bottles of paint & spools of ribbon....BUT time, oh my, WHERE DOES IT GO???? 
I have been meaning to start this project for weeks but something else always comes up and now christmas is literally just days I started this morning.

You will need:
looped screw

Step 1:  screw a looped screw
 (tecnical name?  I think not lol) 
into the end of a dowel
(you can get these at Walmart or hardware stores,
 or at the bottom of my messy craft drawer hehe)

Step 2: paint whatever colour you wish
...dry...repeat until satisfied.

Step 3:  loop ribbon through screw and Voila! 
 (btw I'm far from french lol)

Simple eh? (I am Canadian though haha)
I wonder why it took me so long to start these???

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  1. they are so cute! Ava is going to love them!!


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