Sunday, November 28, 2010


I bought this calender for my girls, atleast 2 months ago, at Staples. It was something like $19 (Canadian), which I thought was a little steep.  BUT I thought if I mactac the hell out of it I could get LOTS and lots of use from it while educating my little ladies.
So  needless to say months, rolls & rolls of mactac and LOTS of patience later we finally have it hung up in our playroom! 
Grampy rescued this big dry-erase board from his office (pre-retirement) for us to hang it on....we quickly realized it was not magnetic so we had to move onto Plan B (packing tape).
 All of the dates/months/days of the week are held on with velcro dots from the Dollarama (since I mactac'd over the slidey holes...which would not have stood a chance in this house). 
Our Daddy (Wayne) works outside so you can ALWAYS find the weather network on in the a.m because of this our girls are very intrigued with what's going on outside our windows.
The weather chart is a HUGE hit with Ainsley(6yrs).  She charts the weather with the dry-erase marker and watches for patterns and trends in the weather.  Ava(3yrs) LOVES LOVES LOVES the weather wheel and it's little spinning arms (Thank you Dollarama for the pretty purple brads*)
Ava often wakes up and runs to my bed yelling out the weather forcast for the day "Mommy wake UP! It's a Sunshiny Day!!" or "Mommy GET OUT of BED!!  It's wet and rainy out there!"

I LOVE this set up for many many reasons but most of all for the fact it helps me in my argument for appropriate dressing for the weather.  If your weather wheel says windy and snowing then there is NO argument for sundresses.
I have to Thank my sister-in-law for finding this at her Staples in Niargra Falls.  I have wanted one since Ainsley was a toddler but had no idea where to look.

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