Friday, November 19, 2010

Back-to-Back Thursday Family Fun!

Do you ever find that somedays are busier than others?  Or that all the excitement happens in a small time space between long boring stretches?
Thursday is our busiest day of the week. It's the day the kids can't wait for!

Every Thursday morning Ava & I head to our local library to do a program called "Time for Tots".  This is based on ages 18-36mths.  They do a Welcome song, ribbon & action songs, drum time and a story.
Ava LOVES her weekly program, especially the ribbons ( watch for an upcoming post on How To:  Ribbons).
  1. Welcome Song  :  A is for Abigail, pretty , pretty Abigail, All the children love her blow a kiss Hello.
  2. Ribbon & Actions Songs    The Itsy Bitsy Spider... Head and Shoulders, Knees & Toes...Twinkle Twinkle Little Star ...Hokey Pokey
  3. Drum Time  Horsie, Horsie-  Clip, Clop,Clip, Clop,Clip, Clop,Clip, Clop,  Horsie Horsie On your way      We've been together for a many a day.  So let your tail go swish and your wheels go 'round--Giddy up, you're homeward bound! Clip, Clop,Clip, Clop,Clip, Clop,Clip, Clop,
  4. Story Time  Today was Brown Bear, Brown What Do You See? 

The Craft for the day (in the main part of the library...drop in program)
was brown bears & polar bears.

You need:  Construction Paper (cut into Medium circle{3inch diameter}, small cirle {1inch}, and 2 smaller circles{1/2inch}), glue, scissors & black fun foam (cut small circle-size of thumb, punch 2 holes with holepunch)

Then  afterschool on Thursdays we have "Family Ties".  It's Literacy Program that promotes Food, Family, Fun!  Our family and 9 others meet at Ainsley's elementry for a healthy meal (tonight was chicken rice with veggies, and chicken with multigrains rolls), social time with other families, then we seperate into 3 age groups: Preschool, school, & adult and do an hour of workshops that involve Literacy & Numerancy in our homes.  This evening Ava's group did The Itsy Bitsy Spider, The Monkey's tease the Crodile & a drawing (Preschool).   Ainsley's group learned about Different Ways to be Smart: Word, Music, Picture, Body, Math, Nature, Myself, and Other People Smart (School).  The Adults had the Principal of the school as a guestspeaker and she had a very informative chat with us on how the report cards work, how our school is a "Community School" (we have businesses in the community who volunteer at & sponser our school) and did a Q & A for any of our concerns etc.

Overall we had an EXCELLENT day! ...I just wish sometimes the excitement were spread a little more evenly throught the week...since I still work evenings as well...leaving me to blog at obscene hours of the night lol.
GoodNight!!  Have a GREAT FRIDAY :)

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