Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Our 1st Annual Cookie Exchange

This year I decided I was going to stop waiting to be invited to a cookie exchange and just host my own.  So I Googled the "rules"and copy & pasted, edited them onto a Facebook event and invited away.

I had 7 ladies commit, that was just right!
I made 8 dozen turtle cookies to swap for 7 other recipes (and one to share at the event).  How could I go wrong?
...Only 5 actually showed up, some were  people I haven't seen in AGES, but
it was a great day full of great conversation.

We ended up with tons of loot....turtle cookies, almond fingers, chocolate & caramel pretzels, Christmas mice, snow balls and chocolate chip.   Everything was pretty tasty!

back row: Christmas Mice, Snowballs, Chocolate chip
front row: Almond fingers, turtle cookies, pretzels

Christmas Mice (pb cookies)

Caramel pretzels (with chocolate & crushed pecans)
 Chocolate pretzels (hugs melted topped with M&M's)

Turtle Cookies (sugar cookie topped with melted caramels, pecans & chocolate)

The whoel thing was a hit!  We can't wait to do it again next year!

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  1. So much fun! I love cookie exchanges. My sorority sisters used to do one each year until we got so outnumbered by littles! ;) I think there were about 17 kids age 6 and under at our last gathering and only 5 or 6 adults. Maybe we'll get the tradition started again when more of the littles are out of diapers. Thanks for sharing this!


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