Wednesday, December 22, 2010

DONE! Done! done???

So I sit here tonight DONE!  Done shopping, done wrapping, done baking, almost done school for 2 weeks (just a 1/2 day left)....
And already the guilt has kicked in....
Will the girls love their presents?
Will my father-in-law  appreciate the work and thought put into his personalized photobook of the grandkids? 
Could I have done more?
Poor Wayne, another year of socks and jeans.
All Wayne has wanted for the past 3 years is a LARGE FLAT SCREEN TV...we made a deal a long time ago, if he bought us a home of our own with a playroom for our girls then he could finally splurg on himself.  He held up his end of the bargain.  We have a 2600sq ft home.  My girls have an enormous playroom.....and well Wayne still dreams of his tv :(

So ofcourse when I'm stressed I like to take my mind off of things by cruising the web...and well today I came across CSN Stores and let me just say WOW!   They have EVERYTHING!!!  and they EVEN SHIP to Canada!  (easily excited I know lol) 
I started with the stuff lol and they have some wicked deals and then I got looking at tv's and then at TV stands for flat screens so that I can visualize the tv actually in our home.......and well Wayne's birthday is just  around the corner...and the week after Christmas usually has some pretty good sales ;) ;)
I think this birthday may be even better than the surprise party I threw for him last year!

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