Friday, December 3, 2010

Back-to-Back Thursday Family Fun!

It's Thursday again! 

This week "Time for Tots" featured a Squirrel craft...god bless the people who prepare these things for the Family Drop-In program because some of their designs are quite tedious...however Ava enjoys ANY craft that involves a glue stick.
this was all cut from craft paper: tail, body, arm, head & acorn

Every week I let Ava pick her own book to borrow as well as one her older sister might enjoy.  These are her picks for this week.  (I know there are 2 for each...what can I say I'm a sucker for books...I'll have to post about our in home "library" someday...or maybe just the credit card statement lol) 

left: Happy Feet  Friends Forever bySiobhan Ciminera
right:  Whiskers by Catherine Daly
Ainsley loves that she can read these all by herself or with minimal help.

left: Skip through the Seasons by Stella Blackstone
right:  Elusive Moose by Joan Gannij
(I just noticed that the one on the left is a seek-and-find book which should make it even more fun)
Mommy even found a new novel to read this week.

I read one of kristin Hannah's books recently, called Magic Hour, and got so wrapped up in the characters.  I really enjoyed her writing so I used my local library's website to search out other books by her and requested holds for them.  I cannot wait to see how good this one is.

Family Ties this week was week 9 of 10 and we had a great night but reality set in that our time is almost through....for now, gossip says they're working on the next installment :)
For our family meal we had cheese pizza (Ainsley's favorite) and lots of fruit (Ava's favorite).  As the icebreaker we did a "story chain".  Table one writes the opening line to a story, then passes to table 2 to add the next ...and so on.  The last table puts on the finish touch and then reads aloud for everyone to hear.  The kids got quite the kick out of the silly result.  (This totally reminds me of my jr high Mad Libs days).

When we split into our groups:
Preschool cut pictures from flyers & magazines and made their own picture books.
School age did a lesson on action words aka verbs and acted out all of their actions.
Adult's had a mini-info session.  Several resource groups from our community made small presentations letting us know what services are available to our families in our own "backyards".   There were represntatives from Family Counselling , Loans, Adult Education  and  the neighbourhood Community Centre.   All I can say is WOW!  There was a LOT of useful information and a LOT of programs available that I had NO IDEA exsisted.

So all and all a very GREAT DAY WITH MY FAMILY!

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  1. We need a program like that here. We have tons of programs but not really structured like your is.


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