Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Postcards, Postcards, Postcards

Ainsley came home today with her weekly newsletter from Grade 1 that describes what they're working on in class this week.  Along with their spelling words and math they have a "subject" called You & Your World.
In You & Your World this week they are Following Barnaby the Bear's trip across Canada and the postcards he writes back home.
So the enthusiastic mom that I am, I hop on Facebook and ask my friends to take a moment and send a postcard from their hometown to Ainsley's grade 1 class....and the only responses I got were from my 2 SIL's and a couple of my neighbours (from MY hometown lol)...BUT my SIL graciously posted it on her status as well and let's just say HOLY POSTCARDS!!!  Not just from across Canada but all across North America :o
I can't wait until they start pouring in so we can check them all out!

If you'd like to send a postcard to a grade 1 class please comment below for more information lol


  1. I did this with my fifth grade class to add to their study of US History. Such a great experience. Hearing from people in the places we were studying made such a wonderful impact on the kids! I painted a huge map on the wall of the classroom (we were a very poor school and pull-down maps were expensive) and let the kids find the state the postcards came from throughout the year. It was wonderful.
    It is so great that you stepped up to help your child's teacher in such a wonderful way.
    I'd like to promise a postcard, but know that I'd probably get busy and forget, so...
    Here's a slice of life in our neck of the woods.;KeyCode=mp;tdate=mp;PMCode=mp;OrgURL
    This is an article I wrote a long, long time ago. Perhaps you would enjoy and your little ones could enjoy the photos.

  2. I love your resourcefulness Fatima and the article :) I could definitely be a country girl if my hubby had a drivers license.
    As a family "in the city" we still try to keep the kids in touch with "country life". We grow a vegetable garden at the FIL's just outside the city, we pick fiddleheads (a very tasty green fern that pops up by the river in the spring, an really really hope to have a small veggie garden of our own right here in the city (atleast herbs,swiss chard, tomatoes, green peppers etc that we can pick from daily. I really want to get into canning full force next fall. We did beets & green tomato chow this year and it was a hit!
    Thanks for checking us out :)


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