Saturday, November 13, 2010

Saturday Night's sure have changed...

It's FINALLY my weekend off, 12 nights straight I've waited for this, and I am sitting home childless & bored! 

My girls are having a sleepover at their Nanny's tonight and Dad is eating munchies watching UFC, so here I sit in the office wondering which of my millions of projects to tackle tonight.  I think the most tedious should be the first to get out of the way ....but because it's a bit of a pain I'm really stalling here (hence this post lol).  This was a really cute idea I found on  I bought the materials 3 years ago in hopes to make these cute mittens for my lil girl and her cousins for  Christmas...and well thank goodness there is a newer Clark girl and newer cousins because the older versions will no longer fit the materials.  How's that for stalling? 
So procrastination aside here's how I am spending my Saturday evening alone with my hunny...romantic eh?

My stitching theory changed from one mit to the next...

Next time (haha) I will do these right from scratch because these premade mits were
soooo difficult to fit my hands in to stitch

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  1. I love the little mittens, they are so cute!


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