Monday, November 8, 2010


Just recently my father in law (FIL) has retired.  He is one of those very busy with his hands kind of guys who lives for his work and "projects" and now since retiring we all have bets on how long is it going to last?   Most figure he'll get bored and be back to work within a year.  Myself I have decided maybe the girls and I can help keep him stay entertained (wink, wink)
I have been asking hubby for awhile for a table for the girls playroom and a bench for the front door....and well now that FIL is going to be sooo bored Ava and I thought we'd do a little measuring to help him out :)

Ava loves Daddy's measuring tape!  First we measured how wide the area is where we'd like the bench then Ava stood up against against the wall and we measured how high we thought it should be...and ofcourse we then measured how tall Ava was (3'8")...then Mommy(5'8")...and then next thing you know everything had a measurement :)

Grampy is suppose to arrive sometime today with our whiteboard (Yeah!!). I just hope he comes late enough in the day so that big sister(Ainsley) can come home from school and use the measurements to make a drawing of what we'd like our bench and table to look like.

{I know her pj's are filthy lol ...she tried drinking her chocolate milk from a coffee mug this a.m}

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