Monday, April 11, 2011

Isn't it always the way?

So I finally get a weekend client even decides to go to bed early on Friday so I get home 15 minutes early...just in time for a brutal sinus infection to kick the crap right out of  me  :(    I woke up Saturday morning with my head so packed full of pressure I could barely lift it.  Thank goodness Ava is a cuddler.  Wayne was gone bright and early to help a friend do their roof and Ainsley was with my Mom at her curling jamboree.  Ava dearest curled up in bed with me and watched her Saturday morning cartoons giving me tons of hugs & kisses to make me feel better.
Saturday was a right off.....Sunday was a little better.  I had passed out on the couch in a fever induced coma the night before so there was no sleeping in when the girls came thundering down the stair at 7:30 but their Dad made them some breakfast and we lounged around until it was time to go our appointment with the photographer.....I brought a package with a great photographer in our community back in October at an Auction to benefit the Community Autism Centre and this was her first available opening...I was hoping for great family photos but since I felt like crap and looked like Rudolf, Wayne was off the hook and only the girls were photographed.
The girls were a little too hyper for my liking at the photo shoot... then again a slug would of had more energy than me...but I think there were some really great shots.
Now it's Monday and the pressure and fever are gone and I feel better, just in time to head back to work for another 2 weeks.


  1. Sorry to hear you've been ill; how typical to feel like that when you're having your photograph taken!! Hope you recover soon.


  2. that stinks u were sick, mother nature knows the 'right' time to kick butt when u get pics or have plans...


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