Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - Window Replacement 1 of words now but give me a couple of weeks


  1. Ah, home improvement. I'm looking forward to doing a big project in our main bathroom. The toilet rocks. This is kind of a problem, especially if it ever decides to tip over. Yuck! We are looking forward to replacing the sub-floor under it and then replacing the badly damaged vinyl with tile. I've done two tile jobs already, around my wood stove and my mom's kitchen. I'm really looking forward to the work and the result. The mess of getting it done, well not so much. ;) At least I'm not pregnant for this project! I've put down flooring (tile and laminate) during 3 out of 4 of my pregnancies. I'm guessing it will be a bit easier to do without feet jabbing my ribs!

  2. We are doing the outside first this year. I have a small roof repair to do and the gutters need to be cleaned out as soon as the mud is dried, but thank Heavens my windows will make it another couple of years.

    You've got to LOVE the starter home, eh?

  3. We did the roof last year (thank goodness Hubby's a roofer with a very helpful crew of friends)....but our windows (along with the plaster) are original and half the house is 100+ yrs old :o
    Where we sits we get hit pretty hard with the wind blowing in any direction, so it's time to start picking away room by room. Hopefully before fall we'll have 7 of 22 windows complete...which means new sheet rock & paint for my staircase, the "baby's" room and my bedroom (the draftiest areas first) and then on to the rest next tax season


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