Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Inspiration from Ashely P

This morning I was catching up on my blog reading and saw this post from My Rays of Sunshine that has inspired me to "gather my thoughts".   I have been on a list making high all weekend because the thoughts of Spring Cleaning are just tumbling though my head...as well as renovations & gardening plans etc etc
As I was making lists and plans all weekend I was thinking "Gee why do I seem to make the same list over and over?" "why haven't I made a master copy yet?  Or schedule a rotation for my (no so favourite) chores?" (I crave routine so a "scheduled" rotation would make me feel much better about scrubbing the toilets...I hope)  So Ashely's post about her Home Management Binder has inspired me to quit thinking about and JUST DO IT  (...I might be a Nike fan when <---- lol).

The binder shouldn't be so hard to follow.  Like I mentioned I crave routine  and I pretty much do most of these things anyway just on random slips of paper (that I often lose, or throw out because I can't stand the clutter).

A calendar ...I already had a post about how my life revolves around my calender
 A week planner....I currently use my whiteboard for family updates/reminders
 Cleaning...random lists
 Bills...on my calender
 To Do's...random lists
 Grocery/Couponing...random list attached to a heavily marked up stack of flyers
Menu....I am now completely reliant on....I find it helps me make a better list and saves me several trips (and MONEY lol) and it helps to keep us from falling back into a "food rut". When I do up a menu I jot down what we had the week previous so not to have them again and then try to preplan the following week if I have extra ideas that I don't want to forget. Wayne & the kids love that they can glance up at the whiteboard in my kitchen and know what to expect...and it helps with Ainsley (6yrs) because if we are having something she doesn't particularly enjoy, say seafood chowder on Tuesday, she can look at the menu and know that if she eats it all that on Wednesday we'll have her favourite Tacos :) **I usually now try to do this on purpose and with an organized menu I can :)

I think it is official before the week is over I am going to have to make my own Home Management Binder....
Thanks Ashely P

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  1. aww! Ty!!! This Binder has been done for a few days and already is the 1st thing I grab! lol gl and can't wait to see it!


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