Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tuesday is the new "lazy day" for me :)

For the last couple of weeks I have been so ridiculously busy on Mondays that Tuesday mornings I do not want to do a thing....and well I'm okay with that!
I have spent my morning snuggled up tight on my couch with Ava-Flava watching morning cartoons and dozing off.  It has been WONDERFUL!  Ava loves the cuddles and doesn't mind as long as I don't snore lol.
I am usually super anal retentive about my house work but I really don't care anymore.  Life is way too short to waste my day being exhausted and stressed out about the same old pile of dishes and laundry.  I would much ratehr accept the fact I'm tired and enjoy a nap with  my ever growing "baby"  before she heads off to school or talk to the few friends I have managed to hang on to in my adventures of parenting (and no longer partying).  I am getting the girls to a quick 10 minute clean up of all their areas so we can sit down and enjoy some time "doing" something this afternoon.  I have no idea what that will be but in the last couple weeks of  this miserable winter weather we haven't done much of anything besides drive each other nuts.  Maybe we will play a board game or do a craft.  Maybe we'll read or colour.  Maybe we'll go for a drive (because it's WAY too windy to walk) but whatever we decide we'll be doing it together.

Later when everyone is sleeping I will come home from work and fold the mountains of laundry while watching mindnumbing MTV before bed and tomorrow I will have to deem "Working my butt off Wednesday" lol so I can tackle the dishes and bathrooms

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