Friday, February 18, 2011

Library Day ~February 17~

Another week of fun at Time for Tots!   Ava is singing her little heart out and fooling around with her friends and I love every second of it! Today they brought out the parachute to play Ring Around the Rosie and they had a BLAST!

This week's theme for the Family Drop In table is "Chocolate"

Noa and the girls are going to glue these together and add sprinkles afterschool

The craft was a sweet little felt donut with sprinkles and there were several cute books about chocolately treats.  Today we read :
  • Chocolate Mousse for Greedy Goose - Julia Donaldson
This was a very cute rhyming story featuring several different animals and their dessert choices.

  • Chocolate Chippo Hippo - Vincent Andriani
This story is about a hippo who is obsessed with eating chocolate chip cookies.

  • Chocolatina - Erik Kraft

  • Oh Ducky! A Chocolate Calamity - David Slonim
Oh Ducky had beautiful illustrations and a fun story with silly characters in a chocolate factory ...Ava really enjoyed this one

Ava's picks this week are Caillou and Rosie's Doll and Mouse's Tail
Ainsley's picks Eloise Has a Lesson and Eloise Breaks Some Eggs

Family picks are Oliver Has Something to Say and Mallory & the Power Boy

Mom's picks:  My Nest Isn't Empty It just has More Closet Space, Full Speed and Marriage by Design

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  1. Looking forward to checking back in and seeing the sprinkles added to your little project! Too cute! Happy Friday!


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