Saturday, January 8, 2011

What a great Friday!

I had mentioned in my Thankful Thursday post that I was running short of patience with my darling daughter Ainsley.  But Friday was a brand new day and a very good one I might add.
 For a house full with 4 kids it was the smoothest day we had in a long time.  Ainsley had her friend, Ava Soleil, over for a sleepover and I was "babysitting" the new young fella, Noa who's 10, and I had my Ava running wild amongst the mix.  They were dancing up a storm with Just Dance 2 on the Wii while I smiled watching their moves.  Then older ones head out to the yard to paint snow while Ava Lynne and I made a batch of rice krispie squares.  It was a lovely afternoon full of laughter.

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