Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year's Eve Spa day with the lil's

 Wayne & I generally don't travel too far on New Year's be honest we'll generally are sound asleep before the 9pm on this I planned to stay in with my lil's and to make it a special event we had a Spa Day.

First we had to start with some nostalgia ( for Mom's sake, not really spa related at all) so we opened the plaster kits, that their Aunt Kim & Nanny Cindy sent down from Niagra Falls, and did handprint castings with their names and 2011 marked in them.   Maybe I'll be able to organize this as a regular tradition to see just how much they grow over the years.

Then we went straight from the mess to the bath tub where they had a bubble bath and body scrub....a very overdue process but time just escapes me during the holidays.
Then out to get a massage with their new lotion...into fresh clothes and headed downstairs for a light snack and the mani/pedi's....then the "fancy" hair-do's.

Ava is such a HAM! lol

My mom ended up taking the girls for a sleepover with their cousins so Wayne & I ventured out to do a little bit of visiting and even managed to ring in our 1st New Year in the 9.5yrs we've been together!!! 

 Welcome 2011!    


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  3. Thank you ladies so much!
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