Wednesday, January 12, 2011

It's Wednesday and all is Well

So I survived...all those worries last night were for not.  I got up this morning and Wayne was gone to work, No snow had fallen and I practically skipped into Ainsley's room to wake her for school.  We had a pleasant breakfast of cinnamon toast, mandarins and milk and so started our day.
I came home from driving Ainsley to school with all intentions of leaving the computer shut down for the day but said what the hey and powered up.....I know you're thinking "Ha! She put everything off another day" ...but I didn't ;)
While the computer loaded I ran dish water and started the laundry then I took a quick peak at Facebook and read my comments here (Thank you supportive ladies! & new followers) and then dove into my list.

Todays List:
- dishes
- laundry
- go to bank
- go to pharmacy
- pick up baking supplies
- pick up produce
- pick up cake payment
- pick up testing supplies
- pick up Ainsley
- cook supper
- sweep
- finish my book (Summer Island -Kristin Hannah...very very good I might add)
- nap

...And I'm very proud to say the ONLY thing I didn't complete on my list today was "nap"...OH and I even set up a Twitter account and a new button (check it out on the right ----------------> )....mind you supper was far from extravagant ...we had chicken fingers & fries.  A big treat apparently, here I have been working like a dummy to put hot tasty meals on the table for years, stews, roasts, casseroles etc etc...and these guys jump & cheer for frozen chicken fingers & fries???  Go figure. lol.

Oh and the dreaded snow storm....well it came!  but it graciously waited til mid-afternoon, so Ainsley enjoyed a full day in class and Wayne got in almost a whole day at work.  YEAH!!   (I had to drive in the worst of it across town to work but it was the perfect excuse to be late)

Quote for today :
 "Today is the tomorrow we worried about yesterday and all is well"     Positive Thoughts Everyone...or pure denial will get us through anything life has to throw at us!  Happy Hump Day!


  1. cute blog, glad I found ya!

    Wow, that's quite a to-do list :)

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    Have a great day!

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