Saturday, January 29, 2011

Paying homage to some East Coast Talent- Dirty Money - Andrew Hunter & The Gatherers

I stumbled across Andrew Hunter by accident one night while Wayne & I  were out on a "date".  We had gone to see a small band he had made friends with on a construction site while working out of town.  As we were waiting for them to do their set I was captivated by Andrew's voice.  I hung on his every smooth lyric and although it was a chilly night in my port city inside this pub was as cozy and as close to Hawaii as you could feel. 
Wayne & I were heading back to the car and I couldn't shake the tune from my head.  I had to go back and buy this up and coming artists CD.

From that chilly fall night in 2006 and til this chilly night in 2011  I am still every bit in love with my $8 CD as I was that night.  It is my ultimate relaxation.  Gotta love a good ol' Canadian boy.

{This song is from a newer album but I still enjoy the thought behind the lyrics.}


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