Friday, January 21, 2011

Another snow day :(

Today was yet another snow day in my area....don't get me wrong I love the idea of sleeping in (it's just an idea though...I have 2 early rising girls) but I don't care for snow :(  
Not another 20-40cm anyway (7"- 15")
BUT on the plus side
  •  my girls and I stayed in pj's all day
  • We had some company and  pizza & donairs for lunch before the weather got too bad
  • we played some Pictureka
  • we're having a "lazy supper" ....yup you guessed it Chicken fingers & fries again...since it was such a hit last week lol
  • Ainsley got to go sliding and make a new friend
  • Ava & I cuddled on the couch ...because we don't like the snow
  • I confess I slept in a little bit lol
On the down side (sort of lol)
  • Wayne didn't get to work
  • I didn't get to the bank
  • the floors didn't get mopped
  • I didn't make it to the baking supply store
  • I have to dig out my car before work then drive in less than desirable weather across town for a few hours to get my (probably super cranky because of the weather) client ready for bed

Snow days aren't so terrible I guess but they sure mix up my weekdays all day I have thought it was Saturday lol

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