Monday, December 27, 2010

Biggest Surprise!

This Christmas while opening gifts I had the biggest surprise yet! 
I was watching the girls open gift after gift when Ainsley passed a small gift to me. 
When I opened it up I was elated!
  It was the Family Tree necklace that I had tried to order myself from Vivian Lane Jewelery.  When I messaged Laine she had told me she was too busy to do Christmas orders and would have to get back to me in the New Year.  (Which was fine with me, I have a birthday in February to celebrate : p )
My sister-in-law, Kim, had ordered the necklace for me before I even had the chance and told Laine not to sell me one.  Then she had it shipped to my father-in-laws to be wrapped and delivered to me on Christmas morning.  Kim and I talk long distance almost EVERYDAY!  How she ever managed to keep this secret I'll never know but I LOVE my necklace!  Thank you so much Kim!!

Green peridot for Ainsley's August birthday
and Orange citrine for Ava's November birthday


  1. I love it!! I am so happy you got to be surprised :) You deserve it!!!!!!

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    Shah. X

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  4. New follower!!!! Beautiful necklace from a wonderful friend!!!!


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